Monday, June 22, 2009

need help playing hookey?

Make Yourself Sick helps you to be more sick than you really are (which is not at all!). You’ll receive a number to call with your phone. Leave your message - and make sure you pause in places. After you are finished recording, go back to the website and key in the number you just called from. It will play back your message.
Now, throw in random sound effects, such as a cough, sneeze and more. There are some pretty graphic sounds! Add them into your recording wherever you want, specifically during the pauses. It may be a little disgusting, but it gets the point across.
Once you’re done recording and mixing it up, you can have it sent to your employer’s phone. Type in their number, and click the “Call in Sick” button. What’s cool is not only will it call the number, but it also sends a text message stating that one of their employees really need to talk to them.

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